H. Carr & Sons has the strength and expertise to handle large projects with the same ease as small ones. We have run jobs with hundreds of workers and maintain the high level of quality expected. Our ability to carry out these projects lies in our estimates, project management, and operations.

Estimators (Get The Job)
Our estimators have a combined 90 years of experience in construction estimates, making H. Carr & Sons well versed in how to quickly and accurately get to the right estimate. We use OnScreen software, but still run through the bid calculations by hand and go through every drawing with a fine-toothed comb. Our experience and work process help us deliver more precise production rates.

Project Managers (Run The Job)
Once the estimate is complete, the project is turned over the Project Manager (PM). Every H. Carr & Sons job has a PM, but a PM will have multiple jobs. They oversee RFIs, change orders, project tracking, submittals, material orders and closeout. The PM will manage coordination among general contractors and/or construction managers. They are on-site at least once a week, if not more.

Operations (Make It Happen)
H. Carr & Sons has five superintendents, each with a specialization in construction: Plaster, fireproofing, acoustical ceiling, and drywall. Our supers have worked their way up the ranks of H. Carr & Sons to their positions and work together to share their specialized knowledge across all the jobs in our portfolio. They run the tradespeople and handle the daily tasks of how the project will be built.

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